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Political News From The USA

Political News

In this guide, I will provide some random information about political issues and news from the United States of America. There is something huge going on in the political universe in the USA; the presidential election of the year 2020 is going to be happening in November of this year. A new president is chosen every four years. But, this year, Donald Trump may win, because he happens to be a nominee for president. He will be running for a second time. If he becomes president again, he will be president for another four years. Mike pence will also be vice president. Donald Trump is running against Joe Biden, a person who was vice president of the United States of America for eight years. He was the vice president in the USA when Barack Obama was the president from the year 2008 to 2016.

Democrats actually have control of the house, and that is why they will be looking to keep a hold of that, and they also want to gain control of the Senate. If they actually had a majority when it comes to both the chambers, they would be able to block or even delay the plans of Donald Trump if he happens to be re-elected. All of the 435 seats in the house or actually up for election this year and 33 Senate seats are also up for grabs. It is something to note. It can also take several days for every single vote to be counted, but it is usually pretty clear who the winner would be by the early hours of the following morning. In the year 2016, Donald Trump took the stage in New York at around 3 AM to give his speech of victory. He did it in front of a jubilant supporter crowd. Do not set your alarm clocks, not yet. The officials are already warning that everyone might have to wait a little longer. People might have to wait days or even weeks for the result of this election, because of the surge in the postal ballots. There are a lot of postal ballots, because of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has become a huge problem for everybody’s lives. Because of the pandemic, people are trying any way to vote. If you are pushing for one party be sure to put your campaign signs on your lawn.

Political News

The last time the result wasn’t clear within the first few hours was in the year 2000, when the winner wasn’t confirmed until the Supreme Court ruled, a month later. I am sure you are wondering when the winner takes office. If Joe Biden happens to win the election, he would not immediately replace Donald Trump. There would be a transition period for a new leader. The new president is officially sworn into the office on 20th of January, and this is known as the inauguration ceremony. It is held on the steps of the Capitol building in Washington DC.

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